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While in direct contact with nature, you will be able to contemplate the local flora and fauna, the farmer's customs and crops, the old irrigation systems and animals paths, the names and the histories of the farmhouses, and the villages and towns of the area. The Barraca ofers such a great number of new experiences that are neither easy to find so close to the city of Valencia, nor to forget.

If you decide to spend a pleasant day with friends, companions or relatives in the Montoliu's Barraca, far from the noise and pollution of everyday life, do not doubt that here, only 6 kilometers from Valencia, you will find what you need: tranquility, fun and a good meal.

The Montoliu's will bring yu close to one of the oldest and unknown places in the gardens of Europe - The Orchard of Valencia. 

By horse-drawn carriage, you will have the opportunity to travel around and see the Xarco, the ancestral contact point of the neighboring towns during Easter.

In addition, you will see some of the Via Augusta, an ancien path which remains from Roman times that united the old cities of Valentia and Saguntum.

You will also see farmhouses, some of them like the traditional farmhouses of Burgos, more than 100 years old.

Also to enjoy are the old rural areas of Teuladella and Mahuella, which seem to have had a Benedictine convent in the XV century that was visited by El Papa Luna (Antipope Benedict XIII), in the time of Friar Bonifacio Ferrer who joined the construction of the monastery, Cartuja de Portaceli.

Last but no least, you will see the ancient irrigation channels, the animal paths, the lanscpe, as well as the flora and fauna.

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